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Life goes on in small village

Anna and Her Daughters

By: D. E. Stevenson

Rating: 5 of 5

I’ve come across a number of D.E. Stevenson books that I haven’t read before. This is one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There a few references to natives in Africa that, by today’s outlook, seem out of step. However, when you look at the date that the book was written, it comes clear. It is still offensive but it only a small part of the book.


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Another venture into Honey Springs

Mocha and Murder: A Cozy Mystery (A Killer Coffee Mystery Series Book Two)

By: Tonya Kappes

Rating: 5 of 5

Roxanne (Roxy) Bloom is settling into her new business in Honey Springs. She has the local coffeeshop, the Bean Hive, on the scenic area near the lake.

Her friend, Louise Carlton, runs the pet shelter nearby. Louise has a beef to pick with a local orchard owner. He has adopted a chicken that turns out to be more than she had thought.


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