Superb Georgian history/romance novel

These Old Shades

By: Georgette Heyer

Rating: 5 of 5

Georgette Heyer has been my favorite author, bar none, since I discovered her when I was a teenager. Her stories always engross me and give me laughs and leave me with a good feeling.

This story is different from most of her other romance novels in that it is set in the Georgian period rather than the Regency period of England’s history. Most of the action takes places in France.

The tale is a delight from beginning to end. I’ve read it several times over the years and each time, I find something new that I didn’t notice previously. It is the first of three books, though there is a slight mention of the family in a fourth book.

There are heroes and there are villains. There is an impetuous and brave heroine. Some rise to the top and at least one falls flat to the bottom of life.

I recommend this story for anyone who enjoys a good tale. Getting used to the “manners” of the time period takes some doing for those who are used only to modern day stories but it will reward the reader who persists.

I’m sure I will read the book (and the series) again in the future. It’s just that good.

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