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Another great mystery in this series

Murder at Mabel’s Motel (A Granny Reid Mystery Book 3)

By: G. A. McKevett

Rating: 5 of 5

This is a great spin-off series of the Savannah Reid mystery series. The main sleuth is Stella (Granny) Reid. She is taking care of all of her grandchildren as their mama is in jail and their father (her son) is on the road and never comes home.

Stella is also an amateur sleuth and likes to help her buddy who is the police chief in town.


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Wonderful book of fantasy cross stitch patterns

Bewitching Cross Stitch

By: Joan Elliott

Rating: 5 of 5

This is a fantastic book of fantasy cross stitch designs by Joan Elliott. It’s a bargain to get this many designs in one book. Not only are there two handfuls of larger designs, there are also many smaller, coordinating designs to go with them.

While patterns in color are not my favorite (I prefer black and white), these are easy to read and cause no issues for me.


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Laugh out loud funny

Brighton Road

By: Susan Carroll

Rating: 5 of 5

This is the first book I have read by Susan Carroll. They were published decades ago and are back in ebook format. Apparently she wrote Traditional Regency novels at the beginning of her career and then veered into writing historical romances (which are not sweet and clean as the earlier books.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this traditional book. It was hysterically funny as the characters moved from one crisis to another.


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Layered slice of life story

Two’s Company

By: Jill Mansell

Rating: 5 of 5

I own many books by Jill Mansell but, somehow, I missed this novel when it was first released. I’m very happy that it has been released again. While there are a few things that date the book (notably, the lack of cell phones), the human stories within it hold true to the test of time.

This is, primarily, a story about the relationship between Cass and Jack Mandeville. They have been married for decades and Jack has just reached his fortieth birthday. Their is the perfect marriage until a chance invitation to a reporter, Imogen, turns their lives upside down. Jack goes into a midlife crisis with a vengeance.


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Southern Gothic suspense/thriller

The Wife Upstairs

By: Rachel Hawkins

Rating: 4 of 5

This book is an interesting southern gothic suspense thriller. What it is not is a new take on Jane Eyre. The author uses the names of the main characters and touches on certain plot points of the Bronte classic but it is quite different.

I did not find the characters likable but I don’t think the author intended them to be. They are, however, enmeshed in a story that kept me reading. The first clue that I had this was not Jane Eyre redux was the language and that Jane was a bit of a kleptomaniac.


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