Another good book in this series

A Malevolent Connection

By: Lynn Messina

Rating: 4 of 5

This is a series that I love to read. I look forward to each new release. While I enjoyed this book much more than many others by other authors, for me, it had a little too much angst by Beatrice about her relationship with the Duke.

Apart from that issue, the book was wonderful. New characters and old ones make appearances. Some of my favorites were MIA but will probably show up in the next book.

My favorite scenes involved Bea’s arch-nemesis and another with a new evil genius. I won’t go into details but each of these scenes left me laughing out loud.

As always, I will be ready to pick up the next book as soon as it is released. It amuses me to no end that all of the stories take place within a few months of the start of the series. Bea seems to be a dead body magnet. I recommend you start the series with book 1 and read your way forward.

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