Funny Christmas mystery

Rest You Merry (The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 1)

By: Charlotte MacLeod

Rating: 5 of 5

A character in a book I read recently, said that this was their favorite Christmas novel. I was intrigued. I had only read one other book by Ms. MacLeod and it was from another series. I decided to buy the book, only to find that I had already done so!

Easy peasy, I read it expecting a “normal” Christmas tale. Boy, was I surprised. I laughed and shook my head at the shenanigans that Professor Shandy got up to.

In addition to funny doings and hysterical comments, there is a good mystery in the tale. I won’t discuss what the story entails.

If you want a Christmas mystery that will give you some laughs, this one will do it. While it may not be my favorite Christmas novel, I will certainly re-read it and go on with the rest of the series, as I also discovered, I had already purchased book 2.

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