Life goes on in small village

Anna and Her Daughters

By: D. E. Stevenson

Rating: 5 of 5

I’ve come across a number of D.E. Stevenson books that I haven’t read before. This is one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There a few references to natives in Africa that, by today’s outlook, seem out of step. However, when you look at the date that the book was written, it comes clear. It is still offensive but it only a small part of the book.

The story is about a widow with three grown daughters who end up penniless when the husband dies. The girls are moved from the lap of luxury in London to making do in a small cottage in a small village in Scotland. It is at the choice of the mother, Anna, who was raised in the village. She’s thrilled to be back home and taking care of the house.

The story is about all four of them and how they find their ways (or not.) I was captivated and enjoyed the book from the first page to the last page. I’m looking forward to reading more books by this author. I’m so glad they are available again.

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