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I am a cross stitch designer who loves to read in her spare time. I have had a lifetime love affair with books. I was so prolific a reader, our public library allowed me access to the adult section at age eight. I recall choosing shelves and reading all of the books on the shelf before moving on to another shelf.

I have been a very active book reviewer on various platforms for more than 15 years. A few years ago, I started this book review blog to publish those reviews. My personal library, which, due to health issues, is main digital (except for cross stitch, coloring and other craft books) is upwards of 10,000 and consists of many old favorites and lots of new mysteries, adult coloring books, cross stitch, crochet and other craft books, literature (fiction), and even a few romance novels. My reviews will be a mix of current and old favorites. Every once in a while, I will include a review of a movie/television show that I have enjoyed.

I provide these written reviews for you here on my blog affiliate links. I enjoy the hobby and want to help others make informed purchase decisions.

If you are interested in my other interests, here are some inks to my other blogs, channels, etc.

If you are interested in seeing my video flip-throughs of coloring books, here is the link to my Youtube channel:


If you are interested in seeing me talk about cross stitch, here is a link to my Floss Tube channel on YouTube:


If you are interested in seeing my cross stitch designs, here is the link to my website:


On a more personal note regarding faith, if you are interested in a live stream church service whether you are housebound (like me), unchurched, or simply curious, here is the link to the on-line non-denominational Christian church service I now attend. The services are at 9:15am and 11:15am central time on Sundays. Live chat starts about ten minutes earlier. I attend the 9:15 service, so if you stop by, be sure to say hi to VickiL.


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