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Another fun mystery in the Jaya Jones series

Michelangelo’s Ghost (A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Book 4)

By: Gigi Pandian

Rating: 5 of 5

michelangeloghostI’ve enjoyed all four books in Gigi Pandian’s Jaya Jones series. Jaya is a art historian and professor who, for me, seems to combine Indiana Jones and Amelia Peabody (Elizabeth Peter’s intrepid heroine) into one. I always have a lot of fun reading these books and recommend them to anyone who enjoys a fun and funny mystery with historical references.

In this story, Jaya is off to Italy to investigate a claim that her former professor, Lilith Vine, has made about an artist whose work she says, in the 16th century, spanned between the Italian Renaissance and India. Such a tie had never existed. Lilith was disgraced by making erroneous claims in the past but Jaya is convinced something is afoot when the disgraced professor dies suddenly after their meeting. Jaya is also convinced that she was murdered even though every one else thinks it was accidental.


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