Absolutely Beautiful Christmas Designs 82 designs printed on both sides of page

Christmas to Color

By: Mary Tanana

Rating: 5 of 5

This hand-drawn Christmas designs coloring book may be the best designs of the genre that I have ever purchased. The artist is Mary Tanana and, in the first few pages, she explains her methodology for drawing these lovely designs. While I wish that the book had been printed on a single side, I am still extremely pleased with it. The designs cover so many facets of the Christmas holiday, including: trees, stockings, ornaments, gift cards, wreathes, reindeer, snowflakes, and much, much more.

The book is printed on a good heavyweight white paper. All of my markers bleed-through on this paper; however, none of my gel pens do. As the book is printed doubled sided on non-perforated paper, I will probably be using my gel pens and colored pencils or will purchase a second book if I feel compelled to use my markers. The binding is glued rather than sewn, so patience or an exacto knife is needed to remove pages from the book.

Of the 82 designs that I counted in this book, only four of them span across two pages. I was able to press hard on the binding and get to all parts of the designs. In my copy, the pictures lined up perfectly. All but a very few designs stopped well before the binding. Of the few that merged into it, there was nothing of importance to the design that would be lost if you cut the book apart.

I am really thrilled to have found this new artist in coloring books. The designs are so lovely and elegant and really speak Christmas to me. The artwork is so fantastic, I can only hope that Ms. Tanana will be coming out with more adult coloring books in the near future.

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