Beautiful hand-drawn Holiday designs with Nature as a central theme printed on both sides of perforated pages

Home for the Holidays: A Hand-Crafted Adult Coloring Book

By: Galadriel A. L. Thompson

Rating: 5 of 5

This is a very beautiful adult coloring book with many pages of hand-drawn Holiday designs. Rather than using glitzy style elements, the artist has brought in a focus on Nature into the designs. Many of the designs include a branch, holly berries, birds, deer, or other natural themes.

The book itself is lovely, too. It has a dust jacket which can be colored, inside and out. The outside has a beautiful touch of silver foil. The designs are so many and have a wide variety of subjects, including: birds, wreaths, ornaments, snowflakes, trees (Christmas and outside birch), candles, garlands, deer, holly, and even a kissing ball among many more designs.

The designs are printed double-sided on a good heavyweight white paper. What is wonderful is that the pages are perforated for easy removal. There are four designs which appear to be spread across two pages and which will be divided if you remove the pages from the book. The good news is that they can easily stand-alone as single page designs.

I tested a variety of pens and what I discovered is: my markers either bleed through (alcohol-based) or leave a shadow on the backside of the page (water-based). None of my gel pens had any problems and I was able to color with ease with a variety of pencils on the surface of the page.

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