Cute Romantic Comedy about two writers

Love Literary Style

By: Karin Gillespie

Rating: 5 of 5

loveliterarystyleI started reading Karin Gillepsie’s novels with her series, The Bottom Dollar. I found myself alternating from tearing up to laughing from the beginning to end of each book and began to actively start searching for her books. While “Love Literary Style” is a stand-along book and has nothing to do with the series, it is every bit as fun and touching as her previous works.

In this book, Laurie Lee, is a fairly recent widow who is a sweetheart of a young woman. She has moved to Atlanta from her small town to attend nail school but her heart is really in writing romantic comedies. After all, she has read so many and watched so many rom-com movies, that it must be a snap. When she wins a scholarship to a writing camp, she knows that she must pursue her talent.

Aaron Mite is also a writer. Aaron is a bit of a fussy nerd who has a hard time with social skills. He only wants to write great fiction and frowns upon those who write in genre (for instance, mysteries or romance.) After all, what is the point of writing or reading a work of fiction unless it is going to be life-altering. He has had some set backs in writing, most notably, those caused by his famous literary critic father, Horace Flowers, who has demeaned his work.

Aaron also ends up at the same writing camp. When a case of mistaken identify brings these two together, sparks start to fly and preconceived notions are destroyed.

The story follows the building (and destruction) of Laurie and Aaron’s relationship. It touches on loss, old and new. It deals with long broken relationships. It skewers writers, publishers, and even readers, for their adherence to certain plot ploys in books.

The book deals with serious subjects with a deft hand and keeps you interested with the romantic comedy as the plot moves along to a conclusion which contains some surprise elements.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.

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