32 Feel Good Sayings with Cute Designs 24 Large and 8 Medium size – printed on one side of the page

More Good Vibes Coloring Book

By: Thaneeya McArdle

Rating: 5 of 5

This is another fun coloring book Thaneeya McArdle. I own several of her books have always have a fun time with them. This is a second book of feel good and inspiring messages “good vibes”. I don’t own the first in this series but am having a great time coloring in this book. There are cute designs with sayings and the back of the page has quotes by famous individuals and unknowns which range from inspiring to funny. I noted that the back of the page is now back in gray rather than colors. I prefer that as sometimes the color could show through to the front of the page depending on which medium I work with.

Once again, I love the designs in this book but am less than pleased with the fact that the publisher is printing 8 of the designs in less than full size. They have included a thumbnail color sample, some sample colors used in their design for inspiration and a few words to talk about the colors. It takes up the bottom 2.5 inches of the page. This information could be printed on a separate page or on the actual color sample page rather than on the coloring page.

In this book, it makes less of a difference than in other books. The designs can still be colored as there aren’t tiny elements but I would much rather color a full page designs. As the designs are not difficult to color, I won’t detract any stars from my review.

This is what I found while coloring in this book and testing the paper with my coloring medium.

32 Inspiring and feel good sayings with fun designs – 24 Full Size and 8 Medium Size

Printed one side of the page – back of page has soft gray design, journal lines and a quote appropriate to the subject of the coloring book

Paper is medium weight, white, slightly rough and perforated

Glue Binding

Designs stop well before the perforations

Alcohol-based markers bleed through the page quickly.

Water-based markers bleed through the page in heavy spots.

Gel pens and India ink pens can spot through to the back of the page

Colored pencils work well with the paper. Both oil and wax based pencils provide good color, layer, and blend well. Hard lead pencils can dent through the page.

I use a blotter page of card stock or heavyweight paper (two sheets) to keep seeping ink and dents from marring the pages below. I recommend using a blotter or that you remove pages before coloring.

Here are some sample photos from the coloring book:

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