94 Cute Pusheen Designs printed on both sides of the page

Pusheen Coloring Book

By: Claire Belton

Rating: 4 of 5

This is a cute coloring book for any fan of Pusheen. The adorable kitty is up to all sorts of fun activities in this book. There are designs which are easy to color (especially good for children or anyone with vision or fine motor issues) as well as more detailed designs. There is nothing too intricate and you won’t need specialty tip pencils or pens to work with this book.

I like many of the designs in the book. There are lots of mandalas and themed pages. My favorites are the seasonal mandalas extremely cute!
The book is printed on both sides of white medium weight, slightly rough paper, non-perforated paper. The designs do not spread across two pages but the design elements do merge into the binding on most of them. The binding is glued, so you will have to cut pages out if you want to remove them.
I found that alcohol-based markers bled through the page quickly. Water-based markers and India ink pens left slight shadows on the back of the page. Some colors of gel pens also left extremely light, indistinct shadows. What I found that worked best was colored pencils. Both oil and wax-based pencils worked equally well. I was able to layer the same color for deeper pigment, layer multiple colors, and to easily blend using a pencil style blender stick.

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