20 Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Designs in a large format coloring poster book printed on one side of the page

Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Poster Coloring Book

By: Scholastic

Rating: 5 of 5

I will attach a silent video to this review (as well as a few sample photos of designs) so you can decide if it this coloring book is one that will work for you.

This is the poster version of the Harry Potter Magical Artifacts coloring book. If you own the the Magical Artifacts coloring book, then you have all of these illustrations in a smaller, two-sided design format. What I like about this coloring book is that the images are bigger, are printed one side of the page and are printed on medium weight card stock instead of lighter weight paper.
I like the illustrations that they chose for this book. Unlike the poster book for the first Harry Potter coloring book, this book does not contain the repeated designs that I refer to as wallpaper designs. The publishers picked out some of the best of the illustrations to enlarge for this book.
I really appreciate the poster format for coloring books. The paper is much more heavy weight though I call it a medium weight card stock. It could certainly stand up well to being framed if you so choose after you color it. The size is also great for framing at 14 x 11 inches.
I tested the poster book with a wide variety of coloring medium and will provide my test results in the overview below.
Here is the what I discovered about this coloring book during tests and coloring in it:
20 Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Designs in 14 x 11 inch format
Designs printed on one side of the white medium weight slightly smooth card stock
Glue Bound to inner cover with the type of binding that allows you to remove pages in whole by carefully pulling them off (think of a notepad) except the first page of the book which is perforated
Alcohol-based markers bleed through slightly on this paper
Water-based markers, India Ink pens, and gel pens did not bleed through this paper
Colored pencils worked well with this paper. I found that, using pencil style blending sticks, my oil-based soft lead pencils blended slightly better than the wax-based but both layered very well.

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