31 Detailed Dragon and Fantasy Designs printed one side of the page

Creative Haven Fantastical Dragons Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

By: Aaron Pocock

Rating: 5 of 5

I have two other coloring book by artist Aaron Pocock and enjoy his artwork. In Fantastical Dragons the subject is, of course, dragons. There are touches of other fantasy in some of the designs but you will see dragons in every one. The dragons range from rather menacing to gentle (especially those with the maidens nearby.)

The designs themselves are quite detailed. Some of the designs have a heavier use of crosshatch shading than the majority of the designs. Most of the designs contain intricate spots to color which might require very small nib pens/markers or extremely sharp pencils. Because of that, it might not be for those who have fine motor or vision issues.
This is what I saw while coloring in this book and testing the paper with my coloring medium.
31 Dragon designs with touches of other fantasy by Aaron Pocock
The designs are printed one side of the page
Paper is the usual Creative Haven quality: white, medium weight, slightly smooth and has perforated pages. I’ve noticed that some Creative Haven books have slightly rougher paper than others. This is one of the ones that is slightly more smooth.
Glue Binding but with perforated pages so removing a page is fairly simple.
The designs stop well before the perforations
Alcohol-based markers bleed through this paper
Water-based markers bleed through in spots and show colorful shadows on the back of the page
Gel pens and India ink pens leave shadows of color on the back of the page. India ink pens can bleed through when I apply more than one layer of ink.
Coloring pencils work well with this paper. I was able to get good color, layer the same color and multiple colors and blend easily using a pencil style blender. I tested both oil and wax-based pencils with similar results. Hard lead pencils, like Verithins, leave dents on the back of the page.
I suggest either removing pages from the book to color or using a blotter page under your working page. I like card stock as it keeps ink from seeping through and damaging the pages below.

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