A short glimpse into the life of a secondary Country Club character

Diamond Girl (A Country Club Murder Short)

By: Julie Mulhern

Rating: 5 of 5

Aggie DeLucci is Ellison Russell’s housekeeper. She came aboard after a series of unusual murders that were plaguing her new employer.

It helped that Aggie had previously been an assistant private detective whose husband (a detective) passed away years ago. Aggie was put in place by Hunter Tafft, Ellison’s lawyer and would-be boyfriend. Aggie keeps house but also keeps an eye on Ellison and her daughter.

Simply put, she’s the type of friend you would call if you needed to hide a body.

The story gives more of the history of Aggie and shows the depth of her love for her late husband. After all of the years that have passed, Aggie may be finally ready for a deeper relationship with her new boyfriend Mac. It also covers the search, with Ellison for the answers to a string of burglaries for which Mac is the primary suspect.

While it was a short read, it was a fun one. It fills in the time between waiting for her Country Club murder mysteries.

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