Who knew Amish Candy stories could be so funny?

Lethal Licorice (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery Book 2)

By: Amanda Flower

Rating: 5 of 5

This is the second book in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series. I have been binge reading the whole series (including a short story) as it is simply so funny and well-written, it has taken first place in my reading schedule.

In this second tale, Bailey King has left New York City and her fancy job as a chocolatier at an even fancier chocolate shop. She has moved to Harvest, Ohio, to help her Amish grandmother with the family business, Swissmen Sweets.

In the last story, Bailey was a suspect in a murder and, of course, in this story, a murder occurs fairly quickly as well. Bailey becomes concerned that her newly found cousin will fall under suspicion and be railroaded into being found guilty by the Amish-hating Sheriff.

Luckily, Sheriff Deputy Aiden Brody is a fine policeman who goes where the evidence leads him. It’s just that Bailey thinks he is taking a tad too long and that she must assist him.

It’s funny to me how little time Bailey spends at her table in the Amish Confectionary Competition which is being held in Harvest this year. Good thing her Amish friend Emily is there to watch the table while Bailey goes looking for a murder, a missing pot-belly pig, and heaps of trouble as well.

The plot is funny, the whodunnit is interesting and not something that I saw coming. I enjoy these characters and must admit, I missed having Cass (Bailey’s best friend in New York.) Maybe she will show up in the next story as she is the perfect foil of sharpness against Bailey’s kindheartedness.

Off to read the next book.

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