Such a funny murder mystery – with Amish and candy – lots of candy!

Toxic Toffee (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery Book 4)

By: Amanda Flower

Rating: 5 of 5

This is such a fun mystery series. Bailey King is the granddaughter of an Amish family. Her father left the faith but Bailey has come back to Harvest, Ohio, to help her Amish grandmother run the family sweets shop.

Bailey is a chocolatier of the first notch but is glad to have left the fast city life of New York City behind her for most of the year.

This is the fourth full length book in the series (there is also a 3.5 short length novel as well.) I started by reading a few pages in this book and enjoyed it so well, I went looking for the earlier books in the series before reading any further.

I’ve now read the prior books in order and recommend doing that as the characters and their relationships build slowly over the course of the books. It can be read stand-alone, however, I think you would find the most enjoyment out of getting to really know Bailey and crew.

This is a murder mystery, so of course, there is a murder. Each book has a whodunnit that is solved within the confines of the book. The rest of the story of Harvest, Ohio, is being slowly revealed, book by book. I must admit I am really enjoying the relationships developing at a speed that is more realistic.

It is Easter Days in Harvest, and the town is gearing up for the advent of city folk coming to see and buy Amish goods. When a body is found, Bailey is asked (though not by the sheriff’s office) to look into it and help find out who could have committed such an awful crime.

All of my favorites in this series, make an appearance. There are people and animals and more. I enjoy reading the books but often wish I had a piece (or two) of whatever candy is at the center of the book. Since, for the most part, I can eat candy, this is the next best thing – a fun mystery and lots of candy being talked about.

This is not your average Amish type story. I’ve read tough whodunnits and mild romances before but this is a rocking and rolling with laughter mystery. Have fun and give some thought to starting at the beginning as I did.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.

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