Granny Reid is on the case in this first book in a spin-off mystery series

Murder in Her Stocking (A Granny Reid Mystery Book 1)

By: G. A. McKevett

Rating: 5 of 5

This is a spin-off of a long-running and popular mystery series. I haven’t read the original series (but I will having already bought several of the first ones after I read this book.) I noted that the very beginning and the very end of this book contains potential spoilers for individuals like me, who have not read the first series.

Granny is a granny; however, in this series she is known as Stella Reid. Stella lives for the days when she has her seven grandchildren with her. It doesn’t happen too often as she and her daughter-in-law do not have a good relationship.

The grandchildren are living a hard life and their father, Stella’s son, has all but abandoned them. Their mother is a drunk and a bit of a floozy, going so far as to bring her male friends home with her.

Stella spends her time trying to help her grand-angels (as she likes to call them.) They are not quite angels, though, and they get into all kinds of trouble.

In the midst of her personal turmoil, a murder occurs. The town bad girl has been found in the alley behind the local tavern. Stella gets involved trying to be a Good Samaritan and then helps the Sheriff look for clues and a solution to the murder as well as to how to help her grandchildren.

I’m looking forward to this series, having now also read the second book in it. While I wait for new books in this series, I will be reading up on the first one.

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