Such a delight to find this book available again

The Cuckoo in Spring

By: Elizabeth Cadell

Rating: 5 of 5

I have been a fan of Elizabeth Cadell for decades. It was very difficult to find her books as they went out of print long ago. I was very happy to find that they were available again in ebook format. Even more so to find that they were available in audio format as well.

I read this book several times over the years, so I decided to listen to it this time. I have to admit it gave me even more of an appreciate for the late author’s talent. I also bought the ebook to switch back and forth as time allowed.

In this story, a rather spoilt young man is tricked into going off to evaluate a old miser’s painting collection. While there, he meets a young woman who is absolutely delightful but things go amiss and he finds himself not being indulged this time.

The story is funny and, while there are parts that show it’s age, the basic story holds up incredibly well. I will be reading/listening to more of Ms. Cadell’s books in the near future.

I can’t recommend them highly enough for anyone who wants a break from the stress of everyday life. You will laugh and enjoy the “troubles” of an earlier time and be the better for it.

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