Two intrepid ladies in a small English village

Murder Comes to Call (A Beryl and Edwina Mystery Book 4)

By: Jessica Ellicott

Rating: 5 of 5

While this is the fourth book in this series, it is the second one that I have read. I recently finished the third and jumped right into reading this book afterwards. It is a story which can be read stand-alone without any problems. While there is an overall progression of plot and characters, all of the whodunnits are self-contained in each novel.

Edwina Davenport is an English spinster in her forties. Beryl Helliwell is an American who is well known for her for her adventures. They became friends at school and Beryl is now living at Edwina’s home in a small and sleepy village called Walmsley Parva. They have started a private enquiry agent business to investigate various crimes that occur.

When the two ladies happen upon the body of the local magistrate, their sleuthing begins. There are multiple burglaries in the little village, not the least of which is the census schedules which contain much personal information about the citizens of their small town.

It’s interesting to see that Beryl is becoming somewhat more domesticated while Edwina becomes more bold. The two ladies and their business are having a very telling effect on their personalities and actions.

I really like that the the author puts us into the heads of the two ladies as they see life through very different visions. I enjoyed reading the book and will look for new books in the future.

I will also go back and read the first two books to find out how the ladies got together again in the aftermath of the Great War.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.

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