Laugh out loud funny

Brighton Road

By: Susan Carroll

Rating: 5 of 5

This is the first book I have read by Susan Carroll. They were published decades ago and are back in ebook format. Apparently she wrote Traditional Regency novels at the beginning of her career and then veered into writing historical romances (which are not sweet and clean as the earlier books.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this traditional book. It was hysterically funny as the characters moved from one crisis to another.

Gwenda Vickers is a gentleman’s daughter and she also writes gothic novels. She is also prone to take risks and speak her mind. Lord Ravenel (Desmond, but who would call him that, really?) is straight laced and goes by the book. He would not think of breaking society rules of what a gentleman should or should not do.

When these two end up meeting each other, all sorts of havoc ensues. I liked it so well, I gave it to my husband to read. After he chortled his way through it, I bought it for my daughter as well.

It is a real jewel of a novel and is sure to lift your spirits as you read of the adventures of Gwenda and Lord Ravenel. I will be reading more of Ms. Carroll’s traditional books in the future and could only wish she had written more of these funny and clean novels.

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