A story of strength, endurance and starting over

The Beekeeper’s Promise

By: Fiona Valpy

Rating: 5 of 5

This is a story which is told in two time periods. The older one is set just prior to and including World War II. The current story is set in 2017, which I believe was when the book was released.

Abi Howes has been convinced to visit France at the Chateau Bellevue for a yoga retreat with her friend, who promptly deserts her when she meets a good-looking man. Abi has not been much around people because of events in her past. Her story is her struggle to find herself and to learn to live once again.

Eliane Martin is a French woman who works in Chateau Bellevue in 1937. She works as a beekeeper and as kitchen assistant for a wonderful older gentleman.

When war breaks out, Eliane’s family and her dreams for the future are torn apart. She struggles through and learns to have strength in the face of horrible circumstances. As the war continues, she grows stronger and stronger in spirit even though so many bad things are happening.

Abi learns about Eliane and her family and the story of their lives helps Abi see her life in a different light.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story though at times, I was filled with sorrow and not a few tears. I’m looking forward to reading the story of Eliane’s sister in the near future.

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