Fun book in this zany mystery series

Death by Chocolate Snickerdoodle (A Death by Chocolate Mystery Book 4)

By: Sarah Graves

Rating: 5 of 5

I’ve read all of the previous books in this series and this book fits in well with the overall theme.

Jake (Jacobia) Tiptree and Ellie White are the owners of the Chocolate Moose, a bakery in small town Maine that specializes in things made of chocolate. What could be wrong with that?

The thing is, there is always something afoot in Eastport, Maine (a real town, by the way) that Jake and Ellie get sucked into investigating.

What happens is that Ellie blazes the way and Jake follows behind, clumsily, and doing everything that should get them noticed but usually does not. Jake is always getting wet somehow or getting preyed upon by a natural predator. Actually, human predators as well.

I always get a huge laugh and also end up investigating different fauna and flora that are mentioned in these stories.

When a young man they know is blamed for the gruesome death of a townsman, the ladies jump into action. They need to prove his innocence so he won’t end up in the slammer and his underage sisters (who he has custody of) don’t get sent to the evil witch, whose name is Prunella. Who names their daughter for a prune? But it certainly does fit the lady’s persona.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.

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