A delight to read

Iris in Winter

By: Elizabeth Cadell

Rating: 5 of 5

I read a number of Elizabeth Cadell books when I was younger. This particular book, is one that I could never track down. So, while reading the ebook versions of many of her books, is like visiting old friends I haven’t seen for a while, reading this book is making a new and treasured friend.

The story is so funny, I kept laughing out loud. My husband wanted me to talk to him about it but I knew he would want to read it for himself.

Two sisters (in their twenties) in an older cottage next to a boys school. A schoolmaster who teaches French and one that teaches voice. The side characters will keep you in stitches while everything that could happen seems to happen. I had to stop and laugh and laugh and laugh during the toboggan episode – read the book just for that as I will give no hints.

Truly, Ms. Cadell was a master at giving readers a look at “people” who came alive during the story. I’m off to purchase another of her gems to while away some hours but will be re-reading this more than once in the future.

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