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First book in the funny Vicky Bliss mystery series by Elizabeth Peters

Borrower of the Night: (Vicky Bliss Mysteries Book 1)

By: Elizabeth Peters

Rating: 5 of 5

I’ve read most of the novels written by Elizabeth Peters. Ms. Peters wrote her fiction under several pseudonyms, of which, Elizabeth Peters is arguably the most well-known.

While the Amelia Peabody books are the series that many people have read, one of my favorite series by this author is the Vicky Bliss mysteries. There are many less books in the series but I recommend that you start reading with this, the first one.

In this book, Vicky Bliss is introduced. Vicky is an art historian and, when confronted with the chance to solve a art mystery, she jumps in with both feet.

She is also in competition with her sometimes boyfriend as well as others. She heads off to the small town and castle Rothenburg in Germany. There, the competition heats up and then whodunnits are added into the fray.


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