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A more serious story in this cozy mystery series

Ripe For Vengeance (A Greenhouse Mystery Book 5)

By: Wendy Tyson

Rating: 5 of 5

This is the fifth book in this series which I have read. It is the story of Megan, a lawyer turned organic farmer who moved from the big city to a quieter life and who also owns a grocery/cafe in her small town.

This particular tale is a little darker and has a less humor than other books in the series. It involves a sadder tale and humor is not really easy to insert, though there are sparks of it here and there.

Megan’s boyfriend, veterinary Denver, has college friends visiting who are part of a group which is mentoring children with issues. When one of his friends turns up dead and a young man who is associated with Denver becomes the suspect, Megan becomes involved in solving the crime.


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