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Another great mystery in this Sherlock inspired series

Riviera Gold: A Novel (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Book 16)

By: Laurie R. King

Rating: 5 of 5

I’ve read a number of the books in this series and have enjoyed every one. I am reading them out of order and find that it is easy to read them stand-alone but I want to read all of them because they are just that good.

In this book, Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes are on the Continent. Mary has gone by sailboat (believe it or not, as a deckhand) and has ended up in Monte Carlo.) Sherlock is MIA but will eventually join Mary.

Mary has gone for a specific purpose. That purpose is to find Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Hudson left their employ and has retired but without letting anyone know where she has gone except a cryptic comment (in an earlier book) as she shook the dust of England off her feet.


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Wonderful story filled with laughs and a few tears

Miss Cecily’s Recipes for Exceptional Ladies

By: Vicky Zimmerman

Rating: 5 of 5

What a wonderful novel this was to read! At first, I wondered what kind of story it would involved. It seemed to focus on a young woman and her relationship issues. It then took a sharp turn to look at the past of a woman in her nineties.

Kate Parker is in a relationship with someone who seems, to her at least, to be perfect for her. She can’t quite understand why people in her life are not as accepting.

An event happens before her 40th birthday that leaves her scrambling for ways to fill her life during what, she insists, is a short setback in her relationship with her boyfriend.


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Hysterically funny and laugh out loud mystery

Double Trouble (A Davis Way Crime Caper Book 9)

By: Gretchen Archer

Rating: 5 of 5

I’ve read every book in this series and some of them more than once. I wait each year for the new entry to appear and dive right in.

Davis Way works at the Bellisimo Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Okay, she only works one quarter of the time. What she has been tasks with for the last few months is unbelievably boring.

Not only that, she is now at the mercy of Baylor, who is the individual who used to work for her. Somehow, she still treats him as if he did work for her. Oh, by the way, Davis’ husband runs the casino.


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