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Heartwarming Christmas tale

The Christmas Table: A Novel (Christmas Hope Book 11)

By: Donna VanLiere

Rating: 5 of 5

I have read several other books in this series. While it is a series, it can absolutely be read stand-alone. The books are lightly interconnected, with backstories of some of the individuals. It took reading a bit of it for me to actually remember the prior books and their plots.

This is a Christmas table that interconnects two times and the struggles that individuals are and have been going through. The tale of the past is woven into that of the present with a set of recipe cards and a handmade table. How the stories converge surprised me and delighted me as well.

The recipes, themselves are lovely and the introductions to them are exceptional reading. I had a wonderful time reading through them and plan to try some myself.


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Sweet and funny Christmas romance

Christmas Charms

By: Teri Wilson

Rating: 5 of 5

I had never read a novel by Teri Wilson before nor had I seen the movie that this book is based on. So, I read it with no preconceived notion and was wonderfully entertained.

The story is about Ashley, a small town girl, who just can’t wait to get to New York City. She thinks her life is perfect as she works for the most prestigious jewelry store and has a boyfriend who she thinks is about to propose. Add to that, she is going to Paris for the holidays.

Things fall apart and she heads home to lick her wounds and get ready to go back to work. The train ride back home is uneventful except for an interesting stranger and the discovery of an antique charm bracelet on her arm when she awakens from a nap.


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