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Such a delight to find this book available again

The Cuckoo in Spring

By: Elizabeth Cadell

Rating: 5 of 5

I have been a fan of Elizabeth Cadell for decades. It was very difficult to find her books as they went out of print long ago. I was very happy to find that they were available again in ebook format. Even more so to find that they were available in audio format as well.

I read this book several times over the years, so I decided to listen to it this time. I have to admit it gave me even more of an appreciate for the late author’s talent. I also bought the ebook to switch back and forth as time allowed.

In this story, a rather spoilt young man is tricked into going off to evaluate a old miser’s painting collection. While there, he meets a young woman who is absolutely delightful but things go amiss and he finds himself not being indulged this time.


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