Lots of sticker coloring fun fast and easy to color

Color Your Own Stickers Live, Laugh, Love: Just Color, Peel & Stick

By: Thaneeya McArdle

Rating: 5 of 5

I have purchased a number of coloring books by artist Thaneeya McArdle and have been enjoying all of them. When I saw that she had a peel and stick coloring sticker book, I thought I would try it out. It turns out to be a lot of fun. I like to reward my grandchildren with a sticker at the end of the day when they spend time with me and it means so much more when it is a sticker that I have colored myself.

In addition to simply coloring and using my stickers as rewards, the book has great suggestions as to various crafts and ways that you can use the stickers once you have finished. I am going to use some of those ideas to personalize a few of my gifts this holiday season.

There are ten pages of stickers and as the backside is left blank, you can use whatever type of coloring medium you choose with these. I’ve tried gel pens (including metallics and glitter pens), various water and alcohol-based markers (my sharpie ultra-fine worked great on these!), coloring pencils and even some of my new watercolors. They all work great and I have had no problems with the paper curling, even with the watercolors. Of course, you should wait for the sticker to try before removing it.

While I like all of the designs, the ones that are the most fun for me are the eyeglasses, bow ties, hats, and mustaches. I usually don’t have many coloring designs that can be used in gifts for the men in my family but I think these will fit the bill wonderfully. They have an old-fashioned vibe to them which is so popular right now.

The designs include: flowers and butterflies, birds and bird embellished gift cards, eyeglasses, hats, bow ties, and fun gift cards to match, mandalas, butterflies and hearts, flowers, and paisleys, mustaches and some more gift cards, leaves, and finally, lovely chrysanthemum style flowers and more gift cards.

This was certainly a new type of coloring for me but one that I think I will want to try again in the future. These are very quick to color and then give or use. Most of the pictures that I color take a minimum of a day and sometimes a week, so a project that can be done in a few minutes to an hour is a welcome addition.

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