31 fashion designs inspired by the 1960’s – printed one side of the page

Fabulous Fashions of the 1960s Coloring Book

By: Ming-Ju Sun

Rating: 4.5 of 5

I have a number of Ming-Ju Sun’s fashion coloring books and am always pleased to pick up another one. I was particularly interested in this book as it reminded me of when my oldest sister was dressing up during that period.

The only small nits I have with the book is that the fashion trends of that decade spanned the gamut of Jackie Kennedy’s classic and demure fashions to the mod scene of London with hip hugger skirts, wide belts and scoop neck t-shirts to the hippie scene of San Francisco with other notable fashion trends in between.

I would have loved to have seen some of the big color block fashions of the mod look but that seems to have been missing from the book, though it had a huge impace on society with the mini-skirt that models just as Twiggy sported.

Many of the fashions are represented but with lots of flowers and motif prints that Ming-Ju Sun is noted for but missing the style of prints that were actually used on the fabric of that time. I remember getting my first pair of double-knit polyester bell-bottoms as a little girl and how heavy they were to wear!

Apart from those nits, I am really enjoying the book. It does recall memories and I will enjoy coloring the book.

The designs are detailed though not really intricate to speak of. Even with the high level of detail on the clothing, the designs are easy to color and don’t require special, small nib or small brush tips to work with.

This is what I found in this coloring book and how my coloring medium works with Creative Haven books.

31 1960’s style clothing esigns included in the book

The designs are printed on one side of the page

Paper is the usual Creative Haven quality: white, medium weight, slightly rough and has perforated pages

Glue Binding but with perforated pages so removing a page is fairly simple

The designs do not cross over the perforations

Alcohol-based markers bleed through the page

Water-based markers bleed through in spots and show colorful shadows on the back of the page

Gel pens and India ink pens leave shadows of color on the back of the page. India ink pens can bleed through when I apply more than one layer of ink.

Coloring pencils work well with Creative Haven paper. I am able to get good pigment (color) lay down, layer the same color and multiple colors and to blend easily using a pencil style blender. Both oil and wax-based pencils have similar results. Hard lead pencils, like Verithins, leave dents on the back of the page.

I suggest either removing pages from the book to color or using a blotter page under your working page. I like card stock as it keeps ink from seeping through and damaging the pages below.

Here are some sample pages, including colored samples, from the book:

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