30 Cute Autumn and Halloween designs printed on one side of the page

Autumn falls: A beautiful fall colouring book

By: Ebony Rainn

Rating: 5 of 5

I purchased this book of designs and also its twin which is printed with white ink on black paper. It’s amazing how different the designs look based on which color of paper it is printed on. It is a fun book of designs that work great both both autumn and Halloween. While the order of designs are slightly different in each version, they both include the same designs overall.

There are 30 designs in this book. The designs are graceful and fun to color. With lots of pumpkins, acorns, owls, cats, bats, witches and more, there’s a great choice in designs to color. These are my first books by Ebony Rainn; however, I will certainly be looking for more in the future.
This is what I experienced while coloring in this book and testing this innovative paper.
30 Autumn and Halloween Designs (plus presentation page)
Printed on one side of the page
Paper is typical of CreateSpace white, thin, slightly rough and non-perforated
Glue Bound
Plenty of room to remove designs from book if you choose to do so
Alcohol and water based markers bleed through this paper.
Gel pens and India ink pens left shadows on the back of the page. India ink pens can leak through if used heavily or with multiple coats.
Colored pencils worked well with the paper. I was able to get good color, layer, and blend well with both wax and oil based pencils. Hard lead pencils can leave discernible dents on the back of the page.
I highly suggest a heavyweight blotter page be used at all times. I use card stock or two sheets of heavyweight paper. This will keep ink and marring dents from damaging the pages below.

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