A great start to a funny mystery series of ten books thus far

Working Stiff (Mattie Winston Mysteries Book 1)

By: Annelise Ryan

Rating: 5 of 5

I started this series by reading book number 7. I enjoyed it thoroughly but realized that I wanted to start the series at the beginning.

“Working Stiff” is the first book in the Mattie Winston series. Mattie has just discovered that her husband isn’t the man that she thought he was. Unfortunately, what woke her up was an incident that happened at work. She was so uncomfortable with her co-workers talking about her (she was an OR nurse and her husband a surgeon), that she quit her job and found a new one.

The new job is as an assistant to the medical examiner. The work is somewhat close to what she was used to but in many ways, worlds apart.

Mattie has decided to end her marriage but still is curious about the new woman in her husband’s life. Her curiosity nearly proves her undoing when a murder transpires and her fingerprints and DNA are everywhere due to her snooping.

Mattie gets drawn into the investigation due to her almost being a suspect and to clear other individuals.

The plot is good and the dialog very funny. Mattie has a humorous way of thinking which, to me, shows the way the author thinks as well. While I figured out the whodunnit before the reveal, I didn’t figure out the why. It was well done and certainly a series that I will continue reading.

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