New cozy mystery series about a sleuth who owns a gourmet organic cat food business

The Trouble with Murder (A Gourmet Cat Mystery Book 1)

By: Kathy Krevat

Rating: 5 of 5

Colbie Summers is a single parent with a young son. She has recently returned home to assist her ailing father after an estrangement that has lasted more than a decade.

The series is set in a fictitious small city outside of San Diego. Colbie has joined a group of of women who have small businesses in town.

She’s struggling to help her dad, get over her feelings of anger for the past, make sure her son is doing well, and delivering her neighbor’s chicken back to him. Yep, chicken. Charlie, the chicken, can get out of his pen and strut down the street ringing doorbells.

Colbie’s business of making gourmet organic cat food developed from her own cat’s problems with digestion. It started small, helping friends, and is now going through growth pains.

When someone turns up murdered, Colbie becomes the number one suspect. Colbie, and her friend Lani, decide to investigate the crime to find the real murderer.

Along the way, we get to know Colbie, Elliot (the son), Dad, neighbors Annie, Horace, and others, including the good looking chicken farmer.

The story is funny and the characters unique. I love that Colbie interprets her cat, Trouble’s meows to mean comments. This adds a lot of fun to already fun story.

I’m already reading the second in the series and looking forward to the third one soon.

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