A mystery with so many twists and turns, it is like an exciting theme park ride

A Stranger on the Beach: A Novel

By: Michele Campbell

Rating: 4 of 5

This is a thriller murder mystery told from two points of view. Caroline Stark and her one-time fling, Aiden, are the voices in this story.

Caroline is getting back into interior design. She has created a lavish show piece of a beach home. She is just getting ready to have the home officially opened and has a party set for the movers and shakers and magazines to come to.

Her husband isn’t quite as thrilled with what is going on. They have a very public disagreement and he starts pulling away from her and towards another woman. Caroline’s distraught and when she finds the money in their accounts is missing, she comes apart.

She turns to Aiden, a young bartender in the seaside town where she has built her new home. She has a revenge fling with Aiden and that’s where the strange twists of this story appear.

At that point, the points of view of the two individuals become so different that you become extremely concerned about Caroline.

The story grows from that point. Investigations, murder and more. Where will it end and whodunnit are part of the interesting plot of this story. I was twisted like a pretzel but did figure out the whodunnit about three quarters of the way through the book. While it was a bit earlier than the story revealed its unusual end, it didn’t bother me as reading the story was very interesting.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.

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