Murder and Shenanigans in an Arizona retirement community

Molded 4 Murder (Sophie Kimball Mystery Book 5)

By: J.C. Eaton

Rating: 5 of 5

This is another fun entry in the Sophie Kimball Mystery series. Sophie, or as her friends know her, Phee, is an accountant/bookkeeper for a private detective agency. Her mother, Harriet, lives in a retirement community, just a few miles away from where Phee lives and works.

Harriet has become interested in crafts, specifically working with clay. One of the hotshot ceramic artists is found murdered and there is a note with Harriet and one of her friends names written on it at the scene of the crime.

Harriet begs her daughter to investigate and, against her better judgement, Phee once again starts nosing around trying to search out clues.

The search leads Phee to the one of the premier retirement complexes and to another murder and then the crimes start to pile up.

While Phee is intrepid, she also goes off on tangents and insists that whatever her latest theory is, is the key to solving the crime. She goes headfirst into trouble and, unsurprisingly, she ends up in danger more than once.

Still, it is a fun read and a good plot and is perfect for escapist cozy mystery reading. The book can be read stand-alone, however, I like reading the books in order. It allows me to see how both characters and relationships grow.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.

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