Paranormal, funny mystery involving a has-been Hollywood psychic

The House on Hallowed Ground (A Misty Dawn Mystery Book 1)

By: Nancy Cole Silverman

Rating: 4 of 5

Mysteries are a genre I really enjoy. Anything from police procedurals to cozy mysteries. This is a cozy mystery which is heavy on paranormal. Paranormal is a genre that is not generally my cup of tea.

Having read this author’s Carol Child’s mystery series and enjoyed it, I took a chance with this book. While it is heavy on paranormal, it is also very funny. It also portrays celebrities in funny and, basically, unflattering ways.

Misty Dawn, a washed psychic, is living in a house which has is also inhabited by a ghost. This is a ghost who doesn’t, at first, realize that he is dead.

She is then called into action to go and investigate paranormal activities at the Pink Mansion, a famous home recently purchased by a famous young actress.

Shortly after getting involved in the case, a death occurs at the Pink Mansion. Along with trying to deal with the paranormal, Misty gets involved in solving the murder as well.

I loved that Misty talks about being old with all the creaks and cracks, aches and pains associated with aging. She may not move too quickly but her brain is nimble and she is pretty smart and funny as well.

Because of the writing, the plot and the really funny dialog, I liked this book really well despite the paranormal activities.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Edelweiss.

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