A fun short novelette about a stay in New York City

Criminally Cocoa (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery)

By: Amanda Flower

Rating: 5 of 5

This novelette is quite a change up in this series. Instead of featuring our favorite chocolatier sleuth, Bailey King, the focus is on her Amish cousin, Charlotte Weaver.

Bailey and Charlotte are staying in New York while Bailey films the first of her new television cooking series. Charlotte is in the videos as well, having gotten permission as she has not yet been baptized into the Amish faith.

All sorts of unusual (and dangerous) things start occurring to derail the filming of the series. Charlotte starts to wonder if something nefarious is going on. With this in mind, she starts sleuthing for answers on her own.

The book is a fun change and helps segue into the new phase in the Amish Candy Shop mystery series. While not a murder mystery, you are still pondering the whodunnit as you read.

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