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Fun start to a Southern Mystery series

Fixin’ To Die (A Kenni Lowry Mystery Book 1)

By: Tonya Kappes

Rating: 5 of 5

fixintodieI really like cozy mystery series and the new Kenni Lowry Mysteries are a fun addition for me to enjoy. This is the first book in the series and spends a little time setting the back story for the characters and the town’s history.

In this series, Kenni Lowry is the sheriff in Cottonwood, Kentucky. She ran (and won) the office after her grandfather (Poppa) passed away unexpectedly. She’s halfway through her first term of office with a stellar record – primarily because the crime rate has dropped to zero during the past two years.


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24 cute ocean/seashore related color yourself cards plus 24 foldable coordinating envelopes and stickers

The Coloring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Summertime

By: Nosy Crow

Rating: 5 of 5

While the title of this set of cards refers to Summertime, the cards are mostly a ocean/seashore theme. There are a couple which show plants, butterflies and birds but most show fish, sea birds, shells, seals, and other subjects related to the ocean. The designs are extremely cute with areas to color or write in on all sides of the note cards. In addition to the set of color yourself cards, the set also comes with fold it yourself coordinating envelopes and stickers to seal them with.

The envelopes have areas to color and decorate as well and the inside of the envelope is done is a all-over coordinating design. The designs are detailed and some have a few intricate areas to color. I don’t find them difficult to color but they may present issues for someone with vision or fine motor skill issues.
The cards are printed on a medium weight card stock while the envelopes are printed on a heavy weight paper. All of the pages are perforated for easy removal from the book, however, you still need to cut (using scissors or paper cutter) certain parts of the page.
Each page of cards has two cards on it with a cutting line to separate them. The book also recommends that you trim the perforated side of the cards and the envelopes to neaten the edge as it is slightly rough once it is removed from the book.
The fold lines are lightly scored on both the cards and the envelopes. There are written instructions on the method of folding the envelopes as well as stickers at the back of the book that can be used to help seal the envelopes.
My alcohol-based markers bled through both types of paper.
My water-based markers were mixed. None of them bled through the note card paper but all but Tombow brush end markers bled through the envelopes.
Gel pens and India ink pens did not bleed through or leave marks on the back of either types of paper. I really liked the way that my India ink pens worked with and looked like with these cards.
Colored pencils work well with the slight rough texture. I got could color with both oil and wax based pencils. I was also able to layer and blend well using a blender stick.

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