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Third entry in this fun and fast-paced radio newsroom based cozy mystery series

Without a Doubt (A Carol Childs Mystery Book 3)

By: Nancy Cole Silverman

Rating: 5 of 5

withoutadoubtThis is a fast-paced mystery in a series about Carol Childs. Carol is the news reporter for the now chick-lite radio station KCHC Talk Radio. Carol is chaffing at the bit because of the new format which has her reporting on fluff instead of hard news.

She, and her excellent friend Sherri, are doing a taste-test competition for charity which features various famous chocolatiers in Beverly Hills (about as hard hitting as her news stories are these days.) Things are going sweet until, right in front of them, a personal bomb goes off in Carol’s life shortly followed by an actual bomb going off at the prestigious Westin’s jewelry store.


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