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50 Lovely Big Eye girl designs – printed on one side of heavyweight paper

Whimsical Wonders: The Artist’s Edition

By: Julia Spiri

Rating: 5 of 5

I really like this coloring book. It’s as if Hannah Lynn and Sherry Baldy illustrations got together and had a child which is Julia Spiri’s designs. It’s not that Ms. Spiri’s artwork is derivative, simply that elements of her designs remind me of both of these artists. Kind of like when someone mentions a child looks like both parents.

The eyes on these girls are big but they are kind of sloe-eyes in the sense that they are every so slightly slanted. Their eyes are where a lot of detail is done. Many of the figures are standalone and if they have a background, it is not extensive. The designs are easy to color and fun as well.

The book is called the Artist’s Edition, which made me wonder if there was an earlier version printed on lesser paper et al. While I could not find an exact name, I did find that Ms. Spiri has an earlier book called “Whimsical Dreams” which also has 50 designs. It is not the same designs but I can’t tell if it is done on the same paper.

Speaking of the paper; this is excellent paper. It is thick and only alcohol markers bleed through. I don’t yet water-color but I would think these heavy of a weight of paper would do well with wet mediums


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