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A sweet and heart-warming book based on the Hallmark movie of the same title

Moonlight In Vermont

By: Kacy Cross

Rating: 5 of 5

I’m a real fan of Hallmark movies both mysteries and romance. They are always clean and wholesome stories with a happy ending. Perhaps not as life-like as reality but certainly what we all hope and long for.

Hallmark has recently been releasing books which are based on their movies. “Moonlight in Vermont” is just such a book. I definitely enjoyed the movie, which starred Lacey Chabert who is a favorite of mine. Because of seeing the movie, I continue to see the character of Fiona (in the book) in the guise of Lacey.

The book reads like the movie but with a deeper feeling as, in the book, we are privy to the thoughts and feelings of the characters. This is something, in a movie, that an actor has to relate by expression or tone of voice and that is something I can miss seeing/hearing as a viewer. In a book, I can mull over the thoughts to see the why of what happens and not just the consequences of the action.


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